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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Scienze pedagogiche e management della formazione per lo sviluppo sostenibile

Types of Internship

The internship experience within a work setting can be managed flexibly (see  "Study Plan" section - link) and its length can go from a minimum of 75 hours (corresponding to 3 CFUs) to a maximum of 300 hours (12 CFUs).

In particular, for students who choose a 12-CFU internship, the Degree Programme offers the possibility of activating the so-called

Quality internships, i.e. the participation in specific projects developed with recognized Bodies and Organisations that require the drafting of a final dissertation related to the issues addressed during the internship experience.

Students can also apply to take part in the University of Florence's Internal Internships, and Internal Training Activities (Decree No. 1583/2021 of the University of Florence).

Internal Internships take place at University facilities, such as Central Administration offices, the Library System, the Museum System, and the Service Centres that identify the types of activities that will be performed by the students.

Internal Training Activities are also carried out at Departments and Schools of the University of Florence: students take part in research projects or teaching experimentation activities of faculty members belonging to the academic unit.

In order to be recognised by the Degree Programme, these activities shall include a work programme of at least 75 hours with a clear definition of the training objectives ( 

Please note that, before taking part in any Internship activity, students are required to follow a training course on workplace safety provided by the University of Florence.

For more information contact Internship Delegate Prof. Glenda Galeotti (


  • Credit recognition


It is possible to substitute Internships, or request the recognition of Internship CFUs, with a current or previous work and/or Civil Service experience, only if consistent with the educational objectives of the Master's Degree Course and subject, in all cases, to the approval of the Teaching Commission.

It is possible to replace the internship with other training activities useful for job placement, as stated in the Study Plan section.

It is also possible to carry out the internship abroad; refer to the Studying Abroad section for information.

last update: 20-Jan-2024
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