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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Scienze pedagogiche e management della formazione per lo sviluppo sostenibile

Study Plan

The structure of the Degree Programme has been designed to allow for a flexible and personalised Study Plan. 


The LM 57/85 Interclass Master's Degree Programme provides a highly integrated track with three different courses in the second year in the two Degree Classes. From the first year, however, students can choose optional courses so that they can start personalising their study plan right from the very beginning.

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In the second year, students have a wide range of opportunities for customisation when choosing among "Activities useful for job placement", also thanks to the activation of more optional Laboratories. Each Lab, corresponding to 3 CFUs and 18 hours of teaching activities, is intended for the application of knowledge acquired in the courses with reference to specific skill areas: documentation and reporting, working in interprofessional settings, design and impact evaluation, and planning educational settings.

All Laboratories have a scientific disciplinary field of reference, but are characterised by a strong interdisciplinary approach.

Overall, students can choose among activities aimed at improving job placement opportunities, for a total of 12 CFUs (university credits), with the possibility of choosing among various options. The student may choose to compose the CFUs in modular form:

6 CFU for internships and 6 CFUs acquired by taking part in 2 Laboratories

3 Internship CFUs and 3 Laboratory CFUs

12 CFUs acquired entirely through participation in laboratory activities

It is possible to substitute internship CFUs with a current or previous work and/or Civil Service experience, only if such experience is consistent with the educational objectives of the Master's Degree Programme and subject, in any case, to the evaluation of the Teaching Commission.


Submitting the Study Plan

Students can develop their own customised Study Plan by choosing from first-year optional courses and putting together the 12 CFUs of "Activities useful for job placement." 

They submit the Study Plan within the deadlines proposed by the School.

If the plan does not deviate from what is foreseen by the Degree Programme, it is automatically approved; however, if there are differences, it must be approved by the teaching structure. 

During the first year, the student will hand in the general Study Plan, which will contain a list of all educational activities of the two-year course, including optional ones.

Students may propose subsequent variations that will be reviewed by the Teaching Committee.

last update: 20-Jan-2024
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