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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Scienze pedagogiche e management della formazione per lo sviluppo sostenibile

Quality assurance

The Master's Degree Programme in Pedagogical Sciences and Management of Education for Sustainable Development is committed, in continuity with the previous Degree course, to the constant monitoring of its educational offer through the application of the quality processes provided by the AVA3 model and according to the guidelines proposed by the University.

The LM57/85 course has developed a focus on quality over time, and the Board has developed adequate capacity to implement the management system.

Particular attention is certainly paid to the following aspects:

- regularity of careers and duration of studies; 

- attractiveness and internationalisation of Degree course also through processes of "internationalisation at home."

- students' opinions;

- employability and accompanying graduates into the world of work;

- reliability and qualification of the teaching staff.

Regarding this last point, as an indicator of teaching quality, the Master's Degree course makes specific reference to the research areas and Third Mission activities of its faculty members with the intention of constantly ensuring the updating of teaching with the most advanced knowledge in the disciplines and exchange with the world of research and the world of work.

The Degree course has also identified other specific factors that the Board considers important in raising the quality of its offer:

  • maintaining and expanding a network of national and international stakeholders beyond the Steering Committee;
  • considering its graduates as major stakeholders through the Alumni Network;
  • transferring research into teaching and the involvement of students in research activities according to "undergraduate research" models;
  • constantly connecting with the world of work through "work-related" teaching approaches that cut across the entire educational curriculum.
last update: 20-Jan-2024
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