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Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Scienze pedagogiche e management della formazione per lo sviluppo sostenibile

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives of the LM-57 and LM-85 interclass Master's Degree Course pertain to the following skill areas:
1. Pedagogical constructs and theories;
2. Research methodologies and needs analysis;
3. Educational programming and design models;
4. Dynamics of the educational relationship;
5. Educational/training methods and techniques;
6. Management and coordination of services.
The specific learning objectives of the Degree Course are proposed within the context of the following educational content areas, all related to sustainability: 
-          The 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals
-          Sustainable development education in national and international strategies
-          The main methodological approaches in sustainable development education
-          National and International agencies and networks for sustainable development
-          The promotion of sustainable human development in local areas considered as complex environmental-economic-social ecosystems
The sustainability perspective will be integrated into knowledge concerning to the organizational-economic-managerial sphere, planning and coordination functions, as well as the integration between socio-educational, cultural, and social care welfare systems in order to plan and deliver services aimed at individuals and at communities.



The learning outcomes described above are also categorised on the basis of the six areas of professional development outlined above and deemed to be the core competencies of the pedagogical profession. 
To learn more about the learning outcomes of this Degree Course click HERE.


last update: 20-Jan-2024
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